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Advantages of Switzerland VPS Hosting Plans by Onlive Server


Switzerland VPS Server by Onlive Server allows you to host your website on an ultra-reliable server with 99.99% uptime guarantee, making it one of the most secure hosting services available today. With our exclusive patented technology, we’re able to offer the best server protection from DDoS and other attacks that can compromise the security of your website and expose your visitors to viruses, spam, or other unpleasant experiences. Plus, since our servers are in Switzerland – far away from potential attackers – you don’t have to worry about your site going down when an attack does happen.

Switzerland VPS Server

Choosing a web hosting solution is never easy. An unmanaged VPS server solution gives you full access to your machine while providing both dedicated and shared resources. It’s hard to choose one, especially when there are so many to choose from. For instance, if you’re looking for an affordable VPS server hosting solution, then you should try using Switzerland VPS Server from Onlive Server. Onlive offers a variety of options including Linux and windows packages depending on your specific needs for domain names and much more.

Onlive server offers cheap VPS hosting and reliable services for your web hosting. By buying a VPS server from us, you can use it for any purpose of your choice. With a VPS server, you get freedom to do anything you want and not just limited to one task which is done in shared servers. Even if you are familiar with how web hosting works but don’t have experience in administering servers, purchasing a cheap VPS server will be very easy since we do all of it for you.

How does Hosting Work?

Before you sign up for your own server, it helps to understand how hosting works. You’ll want to look at factors like RAM, CPU, and hard drive space when considering which package is right for you. Don’t get too hung up on these technical specs though—all you really need to know is that more powerful servers tend to cost more. If you have a lot of storage needs or expect a high amount of traffic, then get a server with lots of space and memory.

How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

In order to understand how cloud hosting works, you need to first understand that a cloud is basically a network of computers. What happens is you rent a certain amount of space on one or more of these servers and then have full access to use that space. You don’t own any part of it, but you control it as if it were your own private server.

Why Choose Us?

Online safety is of utmost importance when running a website. Do you know what happens if your site crashes or gets hacked? You lose all your information and customer’s details! Choosing a reliable and secure server to host your website is essential to ensure its longevity. By partnering with Onlive Server, you can rest assured that your site will be hosted on cutting-edge technology, giving you peace of mind for an affordable price.

Features of Servers

The first thing that you need to know about a VPS is that it is not exactly an off-the-shelf option. Usually, most people decide on a shared hosting or dedicated server. And there are some good reasons for it – but you should also consider other options that could be even better for your business. With Switzerland VPS Server offered by Onlive Server, your website will get all benefits of both shared and dedicated servers at once.

Who can use VPS Server Hosting?

Starting a website is just one of many reasons why people choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS) over other web hosting options. With VPS, you get a dedicated server that’s managed and monitored 24/7, which is great for those who want to upgrade from shared hosting but don’t have a lot of technical know-how or time to manage their own virtual server. But what exactly is a VPS? And how does it differ from other kinds of hosting? We answer these questions and more in our guide to VPS servers. In addition, we cover everything you need to know about setting up your own Virtual Private Server!


Onlive Server is your best solution for hosting your website at an affordable price. We provide our clients with 99.99% uptime guarantee and cheap VPS hosting packages on a reliable server in Switzerland. Contact us today if you want to upgrade your web hosting service! A new brand of business software makes enterprise-level software accessible to small businesses: Brand Software Systems, Inc. has created two simple-to-use products that will streamline many of the processes behind running a small business: Brand Works Office—an all-inclusive suite of office productivity tools, including word processing, spreadsheets, database management, presentations and email—and Brand Works Accounts—financial software for creating invoices, recording sales transactions and reconciling accounts receivable/payable balances.

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