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Reasons to Avoid Eyelash Extensions


You’re mistaken if you believe that your eyelashes serve only to highlight how beautiful your eyes are. Your eyelashes protect your eyes from dirt, dust, and other irritants that can seriously hurt your eyes. But due to the unattainable beauty standards imposed by social media, people frequently turn to methods that can improve their already attractive appearances.

Eyelash extensions, which involve adhering semi-permanent eyelashes to your natural lashes, are one such overhyped aesthetic procedure. Is it worth it, even though this can make your eyelashes look longer, thicker, denser, or darker? Eyelash extensions, according to ophthalmologists, can harm your natural lashes and cause issues with your eyes. Let’s know more about eyelash extensions.

Role of Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions are typically made from silk, mink, or synthetics. The ideal lash extension for you often depends on your natural lashes and the desired look, which can be anything from entirely natural to dramatic. Your desired look by licensed eyelash specialists chooses the length, breadth, and degree of curl.

Side Effects of Eyelash Extension

The following are the most frequent negative consequences of eyelash extensions:

Eye Allergy

The glues that adhere the eyelash extensions to the natural lashes frequently contain the preservative formaldehyde. This chemical component can cause an allergic reaction on the skin surrounding your eyes and your eyes.

Contrary to what you may think, the majority of allergies manifest 24 to 48 hours after the adhesive is applied; a patch test may not be able to detect such an allergy. Additionally, an allergy may appear anytime, even if you have used the same glue for weeks or years.

Styes, Infection, and Dry Eyes

You should handle your eyelash extensions gently and avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours with water, cleansers, lotions, or other treatments. After that window, you must prevent oil-based products from contacting your eyelids since the oil may cause the lash adhesive to dissolve. Furthermore, you are not allowed to pull or scratch them.

Because of this, any debris and bacteria stuck in your eyelash extensions cannot be removed entirely and may quickly go into your eye. The oil glands at the base of the eyelash may also become obstructed.

These glands release the oil, a substance found in the tear film that shields your eye. One function of the oil is to prevent your tears from evaporating, which is one of its functions. An imbalance in oil production might cause tears to fade too quickly, which can cause dry eyes.

In addition, blocked follicles may cause styles, which can develop into bacterial infections. You can experience dry eye symptoms, photosensitivity, swollen eyelids, and pus discharge if your eye is infected.

Fibers in Eyes

As a result of the constant loss of our natural eyelashes, any extensions linked to them would also disappear. Despite being extremely uncommon, an eyelash extension can occasionally become stuck in the cornea, the transparent membrane that covers the eyeball, leading to an infection.

4 Tips To Grow Lashes Thicker & Long Naturally At Home

These tips and tricks detail various DIY solutions you can apply to amplify your natural lashes:

Apply Oil to Your Lashes – Natural oils that hydrate the lash hairs and promote healthy growth include castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Use a fresh mascara wand or cotton swab to apply the oil to your eyelashes. The oil not only conditions the lash hairs to keep them from coming out but also darkens them to make them appear longer and thicker.

Apply Aloe Vera For Moisturizer – Aloe vera gel is another do-it-yourself technique for thickening and moisturizing dry, brittle lashes. Aloe vera increases collagen, which nourishes the eyelashes while relaxing and hydrating. You can use petroleum jelly instead of aloe vera gel to hydrate and nourish the hair follicles on your lashes. Keeping your eyelashes hydrated with these home methods might help stop damage.

Use Lash Serum – A lash growth serum can lengthen lashes and treat hair loss. Lash serums promote eyelashes’ growth by including nutrients that boost hair growth, such as peptides and antioxidants, which encourage thick, healthy lashes. Swipe the wand of an eyelash growth serum along your lash line to apply it. Before adding a new eyelash serum to your cosmetic regimen, see your dermatologist or eye doctor.

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