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Everything You Need to Know About Mailing Records and LPs


If you’re a true lover of music, there’s a good chance you have some records in your possession. The challenge comes when records need to travel long distances. You can pack them yourself and hope for the best, but it’s often better to ship them professionally.

 When you know a few trade secrets, you can safely mail records and LPs with little worry.

How to Safely Mail Records and LPs

When you need to mail a record or an LP, there are three important rules to follow to ensure that they safely reach their destination.x

First, get a dedicated mailer. There are record and LP mailers, and they are designed specifically for this purpose. They are sized to hold the record safely, and they are padded to prevent scratching, warping, and other damage.

Second, pack each record in its own mailer. If you try to double up, the records will be able to bang and rub against each other, and they can sustain damage in the process.

Third, always use climate-controlled shipping. Extreme hot temperatures can warp records, permanently damaging them. Conversely, extreme colds can cause records to crack, which is just as devastating.

Differences Between Record Mailers and LP Mailers

When you are looking at mailers, you need to get one that is sized correctly. While most people use the terms record and LP interchangeably, as an LP is a full-length record, this isn’t always the case.

LP mailers are ideal for full-sized records, but “record” is a more generic term. If you have alternatively sized records, then make sure you get mailers that fit them snugly.

The key to safe shipping is to avoid any looseness in the packing. Looseness allows the record to slide or shift, and that is where damage occurs. So, size your mailers appropriately for maximum safety.

How to Mail Many Records and LPs

If you happen to be mailing more than one or two records, then you’ll need a better plan. You can pack each record in its own mailer, and then you can pack multiple records into a box.

If you go this route, you can use packaging foam rolls between each record to add padding. You want to fill any gaps in the box with your packaging foam. This is how you secure the items against any sliding or shifting.

As you already know, sliding and shifting are the enemies, so make sure everything is snug before you seal the box. You can repeat this with as many boxes as needed. Since records are fragile and valuable items, it’s worth investing a little more time, energy, and money into secure packing.

Where to Buy Record Mailers

If you’re looking for reliable record mailers, look no further. We sell record and LP mailers. We have bulk options, and we even have shipping solutions to ensure that you can follow all of the steps we listed above.

Check out our mailers and shipping plans. You can get climate-controlled shipments, and you can ensure that your records reach their destination safely.

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